• LadyM Meets: A day in the life of a nutritionist

    Rebecca Hirst used to be known for her days with coke.. Dark days, bleary eyed, nose bleeds… no no wait.. it’s not what you think.  She used to be a top notch marketing executive at Coca Cola.  But after reading one book on a plane journey back from Australia, her life changed for the better and now she wants to help us do the same.


    From suffering with the hideous side effects of drugs to deal with adult acne, Rebecca has changed her life.  She is now a nutrition, health & lifestyle coach with one aim.  That is to get you to feeling less of a 4 out of 10 to at least an 8 out of 10. Her ultimate goal if for you to have Glorious Wellness

    Certified as an Integrative Nutrition & Health Coach and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York Rebecca sure knows here stuff. I have wanted to interview Rebecca for a while for this series.  Just spending a few minutes with Rebecca energises me and I want to share that with you today.


    Her motto for Glorious Wellness is:


    great energy – glowing skin – happy, healthy weight


    We all want that, we all want to be inspired to reach these goals and Rebecca is just the person for it – check out her website Glorious Wellness.

    Rebecca Hirst Glorious Wellness Nutritionist

    Grab a coffee (it’s ok she drinks coffee it’s not banned) and settle down to our latest interview:

    What encouraged you to get into this industry and what was your route into it?

    In a word. Spots.

    I had adult acne in my 20s and then AGAIN in my 30s. Both times I was prescribed the anti-acne drug Roaccutane which is very effective but has some hideous side effects.  Second time round, I was saw a nutritional therapist who helped me to manage the side effects of the drug and most crucially, to work out that I was allergic to cow’s milk and gluten. They’d been triggering my spots for years – without me ever having twigged. With her help I cleaned up my diet and slowly healed my skin.

    That sparked my passion for nutrition. I went on to study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, leave my crazy corporate job and to set up Glorious Wellness.

    What is a typical working day for you?

    I see private clients Monday to Wednesday during the day and on Monday evenings I run my Get Gloriously Well group programme.

    On the other days I’m often speaking or running workshops for companies. One of the things I’m passionate about is teaching  people how to eat for amazing energy – instead of being propped up by caffeine, sugar and carbs.

    Regardless of what my day holds, I always aim to get an hour of walking in. It keeps me sane and helps me process things……and it’s usually when I get my best ideas.

    Rebecca Hirst Glorious Wellness Nutritionist

    Where are you based, how much of an inspiration is your city and what are your favourite cities around the world?

    We live in the beautiful village of Leigh in Kent. I love it here. I’m happy to be able to put on my wellies and have green fields just 5 minutes away.  Until we moved here, I’d always considered myself a big city girl. I’d lived in London, Los Angeles, Sydney, Lyon and a few others.  But now I love being somewhere quieter.

    We spend a lot of time in Melbourne and it’s one of my favourite cities. Every time we visit, I love it a bit more. For me it has the perfect blend of culture, beach, fashion, food, amazing coffee plus it’s REALLY easy to be healthy there.

    Have you seen your industry change in the last few years?  Have you had to adapt?

    I’m pretty new to this industry. I left my senior marketing role at Coca-Cola (I know! That always raises a few eyebrows…) in 2015 to set up Glorious Wellness.

    The health and wellness industry is growing rapidly and I like to keep a close eye on the new and exciting things happening. I’m lucky to have worked with some amazing wellness brands recently like Plenish Cleanse and Aduna. I love that more people are starting to realise that feeling well is totally achievable. If you’re feeling like a 4 out of 10 most of the  time, there are simple steps you can take to bring that closer to an 8 out of 10. I don’t believe in 10 out of 10 by the way. Perfection is over-rated. 8 out of 10 is a great place to be in my book.

    What’s the most rewarding part of your work?  What is your greatest accomplishment so far?

    Simple. Helping busy women – and a handful of men – to feel gloriously well. I firmly believe that when you feel well, you’ll go and accomplish amazing things. And I’m all for empowering that.

    Feel gloriously well then go and kick some serious butt!

    Rebecca Hirst Glorious Wellness Nutritionist

    What is next for you?  What are your goals for 2017? 

    To help more people get out of the cycle of feeling tired and borderline crappy. My mission is to help people to feel gloriously well instead and to get amazing energy, brilliant brain power, glowing skin and a happy, healthy body.

    I also want to learn to draw. I’ve been wanting to do this for YEARS and I’ve booked myself onto a course

    How would you describe yourself in three words?

    Tall. Northern. Friendly.

    Who would play you in a movie about your life?

    Someone who’s good at swearing as I like a well-placed expletive.

    Who is your ultimate style icon?

    My super-stylish friend Carlie, who I stalk on Pinterest even though she’s petite and blonde so we don’t suit the same things, but I just love how she puts things together.

    Bonus Question – if you didn’t do the job you do now – what would be your dream job and where?

    Hahaha. When we met I was telling you how I love being outdoors (HATE being cooped up) so I’d love to drive around in one of those brown UPS vans – the ones where the driver has the door open all day come rain or shine.

    Well I hope you are feeling a little bit energised and inspired.  Learn more about Rebecca’s Get Gloriously Well group programme here

    You can also follow Rebecca and her inspirational social media on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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